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Este Kernel es un fork del iddl, que al mismo tiempo es un fork del antiguo Lean, con toda su historia de magnifico rendimiento, con permiso de los kernels Shinto de Carlos.

pringaguardiasHTCMANIA - Usuario muy activo

“I am getting about 1/2 the battery life I do on a Touchwiz Rom with about the same amount of usage, using Shinto kernel”


Recognized Contributor XDA

“it runs smooth as silk....”



OP Senior Member XDA

"ShinTo kernel is definitely a kernel to consider. Blaze Kernel is a considerable kernel although the ShintoKernel is definitely beating this one."


Android Authority

“Since i saw Carlos Kik Lloret's tweet on Arter97 feed (https://twitter.com/arter97/status/935820014556389377) which showed an insane framerate consitency on a 4 year old device I have been intrigued by your project.
After I bought a Oneplus One I got into the custom rom world and got obsessed with improving my device and it's efficiency but improvements were always in the single digits. It always bothered me how it seems that the hardware's potential is never fullty utilized.
Which made the improvements you showed with iondroid out of this world for me.
That is why I really hope iondroid gets more attention and I would really like to help this project to get the attention it needs and to see what this project can do”

- Mike.K


“Hi IONDROID, I just watched mentioned videos - woow! I'm speechless now 🙂 Definitely will explore more about IDTCM + PRECOGOV + RTJM + RTPM kernel improvements” 


"I have been using the kernel for just about a week or so now, and I am spellbound with this kernel's performance! I mean this governor, Precognition, its just like a magic button of smoothness! Everything works so smooth that it feels like sometimes whether I am running Android or not!" 


Power user from XDA

"El kernel es estable, Robusto como el acero y suave como la seda.... ¿donde habré oido eso Carlos?? , y consume como un Twingo..."


Usuario muy activo HTCmania

"Let me be the first :)..Carlos, incredible..I take my hat off."

"Are you kidding:)…precognition, fiops all there..men i’m back to the future, Today."

"Camera no flicking anymore..ect.You and Darkera unique ppl in this world. Samsung Eat Your Heart Out 🙂"


"Hola, no se si hablas español yo soy de venezuela pero te quiero dar las gracias por tu trabajo ES MARAVILLOSO, eres un genio! Saludos y te deseo muchisimo exito!"

Marco Antonio Rodriguez Gil

"I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your hard work on ShinTo kernel! I’ve had all kinds of problems with random reboots on different kernels I’ve tried but ShinTo is rock solid. Since using ShinTo I haven’t had a single random reboot on my phone. Again, thank you so much!"



"Perfect kernel. Amazing secren time 6-7 hours. Very stable. Thank you CeKMTL. 🙂"


"Eres una puta máquina. Lástima que no se dé el crédito necesario a quien realmente lo merece… "


“Really impressive, show me more” - 

Vice President of Android Software division


"Hi, first thanks for this great kernel !! very happy with it !!"

"Yours is hands down the best kernel that I have used on my Note 3 SM-N900W8."


"I love the kernel, the precognition governor makes the phone run absolutely smooth
My phone is running like butter on Precognition governor."


Saurav Ghosh

"Awesome kernel sir. i got 5.30 hours of screen on time first time in my mobile.

Its really awesome, also mobile runs very smoothly too."


“That its impossible” - 

Power Management Technical Leader


"HI, just wanted to tank you for the amazing kernel."



"Aquí estamos, pedazo de kermel."



"Este Kernel es un fork del iddl, que al mismo tiempo es un fork del antiguo Lean, con toda su historia de magnifico rendimiento, con permiso de los kernels Shinto de Carlos."


Usuario muy activo HTCmania

“Me ha gustado lo que habéis hecho” -